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Find the perfect wash basin suited to your needs

A wash basin is among the most basic equipment pieces that are needed in private households and in companies alike. We often do not stop to wonder what the qualities of a good and durable wash basin are. Yet, in industries, such as food processing, the high quality of wash basins is of crucial importance for ensuring the quality of the products. What are the characteristics of a good industry wash basin?

hand-wash-basin✔ Longevity. The industrial wash basin needs to withstand all the pressure that stems from people washing their hands, pushing, and shoving past it, perhaps leaning on it. The wash basin needs to resist these outside influences to always guarantee the best result.
✔ Spotlessness. In nay branch of industry, the wash basin stands for cleanliness and hygiene. It is therefore crucial that the place where employees wash, be clean at al times.
✔ Top-quality material. Only top-quality material, such as stainless steel, can guarantee that. When lower-quality materials are used, there will be impurities in the creaks and on the edges, which will result in dirt collecting there in the long-run. Therefore, using high-quality material for wash basins is of utmost importance.

High quality wardrobe lockers should be durable and robust

The same rules hold when choosing a wardrobe locker. This is the place which holds personal belongings and professional equipment of staff, therefore high levels of security and hygiene need to be guaranteed. How should one choose a high-quality wardrobe locker?

o Safety. There is no question that a wardrobe locker should be safe. Even if there is no physical danger of breaking in, a locker is the only space where a person has their own space during working hours, therefore individuality and privacy should be vouched for. There should absolutely be no discussion about the safety of lockers: it is always a priority.
o Personal space. Building up on safety, the wardrobe lockers should also offer additional personal space. This means that despite the serial design and a lack of space, employees should feel that this is where they can bring a piece of home to. Supplying space for photos and allowing some individualisation treats might go a long way.
o No rust or dirt. To guarantee the hygiene and longevity of lockers, they should be kept clean and dry. Especially with humid clothes and wet shoes, it is easy for humidity to spread. Only the highest—quality materials can guarantee a dry and safe locker for a long time.

wardrobe-locker should be safe and durable

A washing solution that cleans and nourishes

As already mentioned, it is not easy to find a washing solution suited to your needs. No matter which branch of industry you are active in, a solution that you will employ for washing should fulfil certain criteria. It should be durable and reasonably priced, while not sacrificing the quality at the expense of price. Several major industrial players from all over the world have found that Nieros products fulfil these strict criteria. Nieros, a family company with almost a hundred years’ tradition, is a leading actor in the production of hygiene products and industrial washing solutions.

wash basin is a great washing-solution for companies

Their top sells include:
● Basins and wash stations. A partner for many different industries, Nieros is well-known in the whole of Central and Eastern Europe, where they have built a vast network of trusted customers. The washing solutions range from most simple one-place wash basin to complex washing stations, where automated processes regulate the cleaning. All products are made from stainless steel and equipped will a water temperature-regulating valve.
● Lockers and shoe drying stands. As ensuring the utmost hygiene standards becomes primordial in sectors, where it had a lesser importance before the pandemic, Nieros ensures solutions that suit any budget and space.
● Custom-made hygiene solutions for washing products or industrial lines in different industries. For bigger set-ups or niche productions, Nieros is happy to offer custom-made solutions based on the expertise and long-standing experience of its professional staff.
● Logistic solutions. Be it a special food processing line or a crate for euro pallets – Nieros also provides pallet washers and has the experience and the know-how to deliver. Its long-standing partnerships with major actors in the European economy and beyond have helped it create a name that stands for innovative and reliable results.

What is a washing machine industrial price that is acceptable?

Seeing that a washing machine industrial price can stretch very high, you might be comforted in knowing that Nieros quality is balanced with the price. Building upon trust that the company has stablished with its partners, Nieros is always putting the needs of the customers first. Made-to-measure solutions and advice are the signature of this trusted brand. Have a look at the website and browse through the products and learn about industrial washing, or contact an advisor to have the answers to your questions.

industrial price of wash basin