Granulator blades should be durable and hard

Granulator blades are blades that are exposed to immense pressure and damage. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they are of the highest quality available. Why? Let us have look at the most common traits of granulator blades:


Exposure. No matter what sector your company is active in, the high quality of granulator blades is a guarantee that any contact with the source materials will be managed correctly. Be it a blow from a rock or a very hard wooden piece, the granulator blades should endure, no matter the circumstances. Bearing in mind the considerable forces at play, it is even clearer that high quality is crucial for achieving a good result.
Durability. Linked to exposure is the fact that by withstanding the pressure, granulator blades display a high degree of durability. This is achieved by using the highest-quality source materials for blades, as well as correct chemical and mechanical processes.
Hardness. Hard and flexible is the new norm when it comes to the strengths of the granulator blades. Highly resistant steel alloys are used in the blades that can withstand the most pressure. To know how we can grade categories of steel, please read further.

Industrial knives can help recycle any material

industrial-knives are used to shred materials

Industrial knives are used to shred materials that are meant to be recycled and reused. With the circular economy gaining ground, and the reusable mentality becoming mainstream, industrial knives are increasingly popular within various sectors.

It is very important that the knives display certain characteristics.

o Not looks, but composition counts. Even though two industrial knives can have the same look, they can vary greatly in quality. Perhaps the composition of materials is very different. The guarantee for knowing their material substance is knowing exactly what their composition is, as well as the degree of hardness they possess.
o Heat-treatment. In the production of steel, which is made from iron ore, any impure elements will be burned out of the alloy. This process – smelting – is used for industries like the car making industry, machinery and fixtures. These processes are marked and only dedicated experts will know exactly which industrial knives are best for your purpose.
o Carbon. The presence of this element and its use in the process of steel production makes the steel harder by using heat treatment. Any knives will require hardening to guarantee the best hardness of the material. This process takes place in a furnace, reaching temperatures beyond 1000 degrees Celsius. Any knife will have a mark displaying its hardness.
o Steel categories. When speaking of steel, it is good to note that there are three basic categories:

Plain Carbon SteelAlloysTool Steels
Without allowing elements. They do harden, but without any improvements that alloys can provide.Can achieve the better hardness and improved performance, because additional alloys are in the steel.Can achieve the high-grade hardness and improved performance on hardness and strengths.

For specific granulator blades, consider individual orders

If you’re looking for hard and durable granulator blades, the offer of SIJ Ravne Systems is among the best in the world. You will have probably heard of this steel production factory in the North of Slovenia, which boasts decades of tradition, built on centuries of heritage.


Their products encompass knives for industrial use, components and spare parts, forged rolls and sub-assemblies. The service they provide is all encompassing, ranging from customized offers to personal counseling. Why do so many global customers trust them?

1) Reliability. As a major world player, Ravne System employs top-level experts with profound knowledge and experience. The staff employed there is the best guarantee for a professional and highly advanced service, based on the latest technological developments and facts.
2) Tradition and expertize. The company is built on decades of legacy. A famous factory in the times of the former Yugoslavia, the company was divided into several specialized enterprises, each making a giant mark in its field worldwide. The area where SIJ Ravne lies is rich with iron and lead ore, the reason for a long-standing blacksmith heritage in the region.
3) Price-quality ratio. The high quality and reasonably priced products are the landmarks of their quality. That is why many global customers choose this Slovenian name.

Mewa shredders offer the best of German technology

MeWa shredders are a common name among the community acquainted or active in the recycling field. This German mark was acquired by Andritz, but still continues the same line of high performance and top quality, which has made it one of the most well-known names in the field.

Offering shredders for paper, wood and many other materials, these machines are known all over the world.

mewa-shredders for recycling