Large charcoal grills

Large charcoal grills are reliable and cost-effective

Large charcoal grills are a magnificent choice for any home or restaurant. If you are an experienced BBQ master or a beginner, they will allow you to prepare succulent, flavourful dishes. Electric and gas grills may be convenient, but nothing compares to the taste of the food prepared on a charcoal grill.

Barbecuing is one of the oldest yet most satisfying forms of cooking. In some countries, they created art out of it. Cooking on a charcoal grill has changed a lot through the years. Back in the day, it was just a form of food preparation, but today is a social event, and everyone is invited. Coal takes the dishes to another level.

Direct heat infuses the food with unique smokiness. That is the result of combining sugars and amino acids at extremely high temperatures. This combination forms complex compounds that enhance the flavours and help lock in the moisture. The best charcoal grill on the market can retain more than 50% moisture in the food than other apparatuses and ensures satisfactory results every time you cook.

best charcoal grill on the market


What are the features of the best charcoal grill on the market?

Cooking on a charcoal grill is a unique experience, which can be enjoyable even more if you have exceptional equipment. Kopa grill is a complex product made out of carefully selected materials. Incredible repeatability and reliability were achieved using robot and laser technology. The attention to detail is visible in the state-of-the-art design and durable structure.

Made of stainless steel, large charcoal grills have an enamelled colour front that can endure high temperatures. The simple design is also ergonomically friendly, which is crucial in a busy kitchen. The best charcoal grill on the market has a distinctive system that allows the staff to open and close the door safely using only one finger. Another detail ensuring better working conditions in the kitchen is a fire break preventing sparks and flames from exiting the barbecue.

The high-quality insulation prevents flames from breaking out, significantly reduces burn risk, and prevents overheating of the surrounding area. Due to quality manufacturing and highly technological processes, the apparatuses can be adapted to the demands and needs of any kitchen. The large charcoal grills are perfect for homes, restaurants, bars and catering. They do not require gas or electricity and can be fitted with wheels.


What can you expect from the best charcoal grill on the market?

Large charcoal grills have a steady radiation, distributing the heat evenly and quickly.
That gives the meals substantial consistency. Innovative construction ensures reliable, simple and quick use. These appliances give up to 66% more throughput and are 40 % faster. Two hatches regulate the heat. When igniting the kindling, both must be opened and after the desired temperature is reached, the bottom hatch should be closed.

The temperature is from then on regulated with the top hatch and can be monitored with the gauge on the door. To make sure cooking on a charcoal grill will be an outstanding experience, the engineers at Kopa Oven designed a BBQ with lower coal consumption. Due to controlled air movement inside and high-quality insulation – the charcoal consumption is up to 50% less than it would be with any other similar apparatus.

cooking on a charcoal grill


What are some of the best tips for cooking on a charcoal grill with large charcoal grills?

Cooking on a charcoal grill can be pretty daunting for a beginner. The BBQ offers an incredible variety of food preparations – from meat, sausages, vegetables, and pizza to grilled fruit and cheeses. If you are learning to use a barbecue – there are a few tips and best practices to follow. Indirect and direct heat lets you cook anything on a charcoal BBQ, but you will probably need some practice. When barbecuing, it is very tempting to press down on your meat. Try to avoid it.

The sizzling sound may be satisfying, but pressing down will squeeze out the juices and lead to a dry burger. It is easy to overdo the charcoal amount when using large charcoal grills – especially if you are new to using a BBQ. Remember – the more charcoal you use, the higher the temperature, and the lesser you use, the lower the temperature will get. When finishing up, do not forget to put the charcoal out safely by closing the air vents to snuff out the fire.

It does not matter if you get the best charcoal grill on the market or one of the worst ones – you must keep it clean. Such cooking releases grease and fats, which can build up on a barbecue. To prevent the bacteria from evolving or spreading – scrub the BBQ after using it. Large charcoal grills are sufficient on their own. But if you want the best experience preparing food on a barbecue, you must invest in grilling equipment.