regenerative thermal oxidizer

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer: Flameless and Efficiency

How Important Is Recuperative and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and In Which Industry Is It Used?

Regenerative thermal oxidizer plays a huge role in breaking down harmful substances and solvents such as HAPs and VOCs produced in chemical plants. They are usually broken down into substances that are less harmful than these, such as water and carbon dioxide.

The use of this equipment is very important since, as you may already know, the environment and the atmosphere are slowly deteriorating due to increasing pollution. All the fumes, harmful chemicals, and other hazardous substances are regularly released as waste materials into the atmosphere or important water bodies like the ocean.

Luckily, regenerative thermal oxidizer efficiency is going at a great rate nowadays, and more and more companies and chemical plants are using it to eliminate or reduce the adverse effects of harmful fumes as much as possible.

This is an excellent way to start contributing to the promotion of a green environment and saving the Earth. So, contact your nearest, most reliable regenerative thermal oxidizer vendor and get it installed in your plant if you haven’t already!

A few examples of industries where recuperative and regenerative thermal oxidizer are used are food processing, paint manufacturing, and printing.

What Is Flameless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer?

A flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer is a unique RTO with a single bed; it is in a compact module that has incredibly low running costs and brilliantly controls HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).

It also allows for high VOC destruction with its reliable build, simplistic design, and also ensures high regenerative thermal oxidizer efficiency. It has heat exchangers and once the operating temperature is reached by the system, the thermal energy that is released by oxidizing solvents easily allows for the self-sustain operation on auto therm.

Its benefits include:

  • Very little production of nitrous oxide gas is ensured with the use of a regenerative thermal oxidizer.
  • Compliance with the strictest European legislation out there.
  • Almost no energy consumption is ensured due to 95% to 98% nominal heat exchange efficiencies.
  • The simplicity in design ensures the reliability of the machine’s operation.
  • Service costs are also minimum and the equipment is very long-lasting due to the rugged construction and simple design.
  • Operating costs of flameless regenerative thermal oxidizer are very low.
  • High operating temperatures provide surety of breakdown of VOCs (heavy volatile organic compounds) and many other solvents.