Foiled Bags

The Safety of Aluminum Used In Foiled Bags for Food Packaging

A Guide to Aluminum in Food Packaging

Aluminum is an excellent material used by various industries, including the food industry, to package products and keeps them safe. Due to its excellent properties in protecting oxygen, moisture, gases, microorganisms, light while also keep the food warm, fresh and aromatic, the demand for aluminum foil for food packaging is increasing day by day. It is also used in metalized film packaging for keeping food safe. But just how safe is aluminum itself? Aluminum in the form of foiled bags comes in contact with food, so it is important to know about the safety of this material. Before we come to that, let’s look at the various types of food packaging.

Type of packaging of food

Materials used for packaging are available in various shapes, such as foil bags, that serve different functions. The materials need to have a balance between their shape and function. There are three types of packaging materials, and they differ in their size, weight strength, and protection properties.

1)       Rigid packages

This includes cups, jars, cans, bottles, and trays.

2)       Semi-flexible packages

This includes boxes, tetra packs, and caps.

3)       Flexible packages

This includes shrink wrap, cling film, foam trays, bubble wraps, vacuum bags, and stand-up foiled bags.

Is aluminum found in food?

If aluminum is present in food, there can be various reasons behind it. The main reason why aluminum is present in food includes:

  • It is naturally present in food
  • It is transferred from the aluminum packaging or the utensils used for cooking food.

You may be wondering, “In which foods do aluminum occur naturally?”

Some of the plants contain high levels of aluminum. These include teas, leafy vegetables, and some herbs. The Food Standard Agencies regularly examine the level of aluminum on people’s diets. According to them, the level of aluminum consumed in the diet is well within the safety guidelines of the World Health Organization.

How is aluminum used in food packaging regulated?

There are strict rules and regulations regarding the materials that come in contact with the food. The packaging materials should follow the general safety requirements for metals and alloys. Aluminum foil for food packaging and Metalized film packaging that contain aluminum needs to be manufactured so that it does not adversely affect the food and contaminate it. The packaging material should not change the quality and nature of the food.

In Conclusion

According to the rules and regulations, aluminum can be safely used to make foiled bags for packaging food products. Apart from that, if you are cooking in aluminum utensils, then ensure that acidic food is not cooked in these utensils since the aluminum can transfer to food and cause it to become unhealthy.